Centrifuge Retrofits & Rebuilds

We are proud of the partnership that we have established with Broadbent. By joining forces we are able to deliver to our mining clients the best of both worlds; process knowledge and service/support. Our partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to our clients to ensure they are receiving the latest centrifuge technology and process knowledge that allows them to optimize production, maximize throughput and minimize maintenance downtime.

The Broadbent Centrifuge boasts impressive features and improvements that set it apart from traditional models. Improvements to the centrifuge include new screen technology, improved abrasion protection materials and a higher capacity gearbox. Each feature, whether working together or individually, improves process performance, capacity, and helps to extend the life of the equipment between major overhauls. For more information on Broadbent visit www.broadbent.co.uk

Although DynaIndustrial specializes in the repair and service of the Broadbent centrifuge we have the experience and capability to rebuild, repair and provide in-field service and support for all brands of centrifuges. With inhouse engineering, a team of certified machinists, welders and millwrights we have the ability to rebuild centrifuges as well as fabricate any centrifuge components. We recognize the importance of uptime, therefore to ensure a quick turnaround we inventory critical parts. DynaIndustrial also has the equipment and expertise to service planetary gear boxes.

What can you expect:

  • Upon arrival at our repair facility, the centrifuge is disassembled and each component is inspected to OEM tolerances. A comprehensive inspection report that includes photos, details of all findings and recommendations for repair is created and provided to the customer along with a quotation.
  • Once repairs are approved, our team of experts begin the repair process with precision, quality and attention to detail at every step of the way.
  • After all repairs are completed, the centrifuge is balanced and thoroughly tested.
  • With an open door policy, you are welcome to visit the repair facility at anytime.

For more information, please contact Warren Schneider, Centrifuge Service Manager, at 306.986.5982 or warrens@dynaindustrial.com.