Pipe Mills

We have extensive design, manufacture and installation experience in the pipe mill industries. Our clients throughout North America have relied on us to redesign their pipe processing and pipe handling equipment.

We also have extensive experience in process flow design which creates efficiencies, increases productivity and decreases capital costs.

Our designs are proven to be rugged and reliable to withstand the harsh mill environment.

Project Samples

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DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Direct couple and through bore design for drive systems on V-rolls increases the simplicity of the system.
  • For heavy duty vibration or pipe misalignment applications, DynaIndustrial has a foot mounted drill design.
  • Drop-in modular design built on own sub-assembly allows for ease of install and removal.
  • For 2-3/8” to 24” diameter pipe, DynaIndustrial utilizes let down blades and kick out blades that are on a single pull rod designs that are activated by hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Only one cylinder is needed to actuate 6 flags! Less moving parts and simple design means reduced maintenance downtime.
  • All mechanically timed.
  • Quick cycle time matches line speed.
  • Telescoping leg weldments on the main frame, enables the level of elevation to be set during field installation.
  • Conveyors are all prewired and pre-plumed to common junction points.
  • The conveyor/gravity skid design is build for longevity with heavy duty wear plates.
  • With DynaIndustrial’s adjustable stop design, pipe size can be adjusted quickly by a turnbuckle at the end of the conveyor.
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DynaIndustrial’s secondary pipe processing line has all the necessary functions; cut, grind, bevel and weld (I.D. and O.D.) to provide our clients with a quality finished product that increases productivity and decreases maintenance downtime.

DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Hydraulic I.D. Clamp – Built for production lines to produce pipe with a zero internal offset.
  • I.D. Welder  The unique modified I.D. welder has the flexibility to weld 30” – 48” diameter pipe, eliminating the problems commonly associated with boom welding.
  • Plasma Cutoff – Not only is it compact and reliable but it also provides a cost savings to clients as turning rolls are not required.
  • Lifts and Kicks—DynaIndustrial’s lifts and kicks are extremely rugged. Their performance is proven in many pipe mills.
  • Quality Control – The secondary pipe processing line is designed, manufactured, and tested all in-house. This ensures quality control over the entire process and provides clients with the confidence of a quality product.
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DynaIndustrial was awarded a contract to supply a Rotary Plasma Cut-Off Unit to a large diameter pipe manufacturer. In this particular case the end user was positioning a manual cutting system on the pipe each time a pipe had to be cut. The process was difficult and time consuming.

DynaIndustrial supplied a standalone plasma unit that could easily be installed with minimal modifications to the existing pipe conveyor.

Prior to building this unit DynaIndustrial had supplied multiple units for a variety of applications in pipe making. The applications varied from in-process pipe parting to pipe test sampling to pipe reclaim. In some cases, units were supplied to eliminate problematic bandsaws or rotary carbide tip cut-off units.

Typically, each situation required customization due to available envelope constraints and or customer requirements. Units are designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind. Typical specifications are outlined below but as stated, customization is common.

Technical Specifications—Plasma Units:

Pipe Cutting Ranges:
2” to 12” diameter
8” to 24” diameter
30” to 72”diameter

Pipe Thickness:
.188 to .75 inch

Local or Remote
Fume Containment:

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DynaIndustrial’s I.D. weld clamp/pipe endsizer was designed and manufactured to produce a more consistent product with minimal maintenance required.

Size Ranges:

  • 20” – 60” diameter pipe
  • Up to 1” wall thickness

DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Hydraulic design easily produces the required force to eliminate offset and ovality; ensuring a more consistent end product.
  • Increased consistency of field joints and facilitates double jointing with ease.
  • Robust design with over 30 years of proven performance.
  • Quick change segments allow one base unit accommodate a variety of pipe diameters.
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DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Welder carriage is designed to replace ID welding boom. Maintains a more stable welding arc by eliminated boom flex.
  • Onboard video cameras allow the ID welder operator to control the entire process remotely.
  • The compact design requires a very small operating footprint.
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DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Maintains control and back tension
  • Eliminates lap to lap gauling or scratching, coil spring and surface imperfections

The main benefit of our uncoiler is the ability to maintain control and back tension on the strip as it is being paid out. By maintaining back tension on the strip we eliminate lap to lap gauling or scratching. This can significantly reduce down grades and post processing of pipe, saving money and increasing prime yield.

Our uncoiler also eliminates coil spring when the bands are cut. By containing the coil while it is being threaded up to the butt weld we eliminate surface imperfections by controlling and preventing unwanted coil spring or unwinding.

With over 42 years of experience, an in-house team of engineers and state of the art manufacturing DynaIndustrial designs and manufactures turnkey-solutions to solve the pipe mills most challenging problems.

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Coil cars are an integral part of many pipe and steel making facilities. DynaIndustrial has experience with coil cars used in slitter lines, coil prep lines, spiral mills, ERW mills, cut to length lines and many others. Our designs focus on preventing damage to the coils and coil containment, being extremely robust and easy to maintain. We have dealt with many issues of surface scratching and lap to lap gouging and scratching. We will use this extensive experience to solve your coil car and coil handling problems.

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DynaIndustrial has decades of experience with spiral mill and ERW hydrotesters. We have done a great deal of work to optimize the throughput of hydrotesters. From the handling equipment in and out of the hydro, to optimizing fill times and test times. We have done extensive work on making the equipment reliable and robust to ensure uptime and reliable testing.

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Side guides are used in many steel processing facilities from cut to length lines, slitter lines, spiral mills, ERW mills, etc. Their primary function is to control the strip while other cutting, edge milling, forming or other processes are being done. DynaIndustrial’s side guides are extremely robust and easy to maintain. Any of the surfaces that come in contact with the scalp are easy to maintain. The side guides are available in various widths to suit your needs.

As with any piece of DynaIndustrial’s equipment it is designed to last in the extremely harsh environment of steel processing facilities.

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DynaIndustrial’s edge miller clamp roll design eliminates clamp roll bearing failures. Along with an upgraded chip management system has proven to save time and money.

DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Heavy duty bearing with increased load capacity eliminates failures and decreases maintenance costs.
  • Improved chip management eliminates stray chips.
  • Elimination of plate deflects caused by roll bearing failures and uncontained chips.
  • Retrofit to PWS edge miller.
  • Designed to minimize site installation costs.
  • Proven design installed on multiple Spiral Forming sections.
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DynaIndustrial’s split yoke, high capacity forming rolls offer reduced bearing failures and efficient roll changes resulting in decreased maintenance costs.

DynaIndustrial Advantages:

  • Heavy duty bearing has 30% more capacity, significantly extending service life.
  • Quick change design allows forming roll replacement in 30 minutes.
  • Less scrap pipe and material waste as the strip can stay in place when the roller is replaced.
  • Proven design installed on multiple Spiral Forming sections.
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DynaIndustrial has built weigh measure stations to provide final tally on outgoing pipe indicating weight, length and labelling with painted stencils, pin stamping, or color banding as required. This ensures accurate tracking of outgoing products. This system can be integrated with pipe tracking software.
We utilize a human machine interface (HMI) screen to allow for ease of operator interactions with the machine.
It also comes equipped with an integrated diagnostic interface.

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Many pipe casings require testing to failure from external pressure. This can involve extreme pressures and forces to collapse pipe from external pressure. These tests require extremely highly engineered equipment to withstand the forces places upon them. DynaIndustrial has a range of vessel sizes and pressure ratings to achieve these tests; vessels up to 16’ long, 16” bore and up to 30,000 PSI.

Not only do we have these extreme pressures vessels but they have been redesigned for quickly loading and unloading test samples.

Our monitoring system records the pressure curve of when the pipe collapses and fails.

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Custom Design:

  • The kicker/receiver arms, turning roll system and drive system are all custom layouts to suit to the customer’s application.
  • Customized rail guide and support brackets to maintain alignment and rigidity.
  • Customized programming.

Pipe Size Range: 20” to 60: diameter, 20 to 40 feet length

Speed Variability:

  • Slow weld speed down to 2.1 ft./min (25 in/min)
  • Rapid travel weld speed up to 150 ft./min
  • Variable turning roll speed to orien-tate the pipe

Smooth Travel While Welding:

  • The cart holds the pipe stationary, minimizing the movement at the welding tip. This creates a better environment for welding.
  • Smooth transfer of pipe on/off the cart; arms lower the pipe into the cart
  • Large, robust frame skeleton made with W-Flange beams
  • Guarding over all areas of the cart to protect internal components

Features and Benefits:

  • Servo drive motors
  • Position accuracy
  • Speed consistency
  • Smooth movement
  • On-board HPU
  • Customizable programming
  • System integration

With over 42 years of experience, an in-house team of engineers and state of the art manufacturing DynaIndustrial designs and manufactures turnkey-solutions to solve the pipe mills most challenging problems.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? With over 40 years of experience, an in-house team of engineers and state of the art manufacturing, DynaIndustrial will design and manufacture a solution to solve the pipe mill industries most challenging problems.

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